My first article for Women’s Wear Daily came out today! The standard reaction to me telling, say, my classmates about writing for a publication with that title is confusion. But to people in fashion it is a Big Deal, so I am very excited to be writing for them. If you’re not familiar, it’s the biggest trade publication for the fashion industry. If you’re still not sure, this SAT-style analogy might help explain it, Variety:The Entertainment Industry::Women’s Wear Daily:The Fashion Industry.

The article is on China’s rapidly aging society driving demand for beauty products. You can see a PDF of the piece as it appeared in print here or you can view it on the WWD site (subscription required).

Yes, it is indeed about skin care products. Yes, I may not exactly be the target demographic. The idea began as examining how clothing retailers might try to appeal to Chinese consumers as the long-term effects of the one-child policy result in the country’s population rapidly skewing older. Turns out it won’t, sources say. Nobody wants to buy clothes made or marketed to old people.

Beauty products, however, were a different story: Skin care products for aging Chinese people are expected to boom. I hung around the mall talking to older Chinese women about beauty products, and it turned out to be pretty fun.

This is probably my last post heading into the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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