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I produced this multimedia project – developing the concept; doing most of the reporting, video shooting and editing; and leading a team of photographers and a developer – that won 2nd Place for Innovative Concept from the S.C. Press Association. The completed project garnered nearly 200,000 page views:


Hooters restaurant chain acquisition

My superior use of public records allowed me to lead the news cycle on this story that gained coverage from Bloomberg Businessweek, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the New York Daily News.

A tip led me to court records detailing disputes between the heirs to the Hooters chain of restaurants that were prompting them to sell the company:


Two private equity companies initiated a last minute court battle over what was thought to be a finished deal to buy hooters:


This article correctly forecasted which company would succeed in buying out Hooters:


Governor Nikki Haley

My first of many interviews with a rising star of the state and national Republican Party:


Quick reporting turned this speech story into an in-depth analysis garnering 240 web comments:


Freestyle Music Park foreclosure

This story resulted from hours of pouring over public records regarding the foreclosure on Freestyle Music Park, which was originally built for $400 million. It was the first of many stories that highlighted the park’s unusual relationship with investors that creditors later claimed was fraudulent:


The above story prompted the president of the theme park to return my phone call, giving me this exclusive, which the Wall Street Journal blogged about: