Women’s Wear Daily

I began freelancing for Women’s Wear Daily in the winter of 2013-2014 and have a handful of stories under my belt. While many thing it’s odd I write for a publication of that title (I few people literally just commented “Gay!” when they heard about it), they do men’s fashion, apparel, makeup and lifestyle articles. They were founded more than 100 years ago, and the name is a vestige of an earlier period.

China Policy Hits Cotton Prices

China is the world’s largest importer, consumer and stockpiler of cotton. When the country shifts policy, it shakes the world market. By unwinding its state stockpiles and introducing direct farmer subsidies, China will presumably import less cotton and drag down the international market price for the crop. Of course, in China, the broad strokes are announced while leaving the specifics for later. This piece looks at the pending impact on the market and how those in the market are already reacting to the planned shift:

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Aging Population Drives Skin Care Demand in China

This story on China’s rapidly aging society driving demand for beauty products was my first. You can read about the back story on it here.

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